5 Plant-Based Protein Trends in 2020

This year, the United States has seen record sales of plant-based foods at over $4.5 billion. Dairy alternatives make up 68% of the share, while meat alternatives make up 20%. The highest growth categories are plant-based spreads/dips/sauces, creamers, yogurts, and eggs. Consumers are turning to plant-based foods because they believe it is a healthier choice than traditional dairy and meat.

Here are the top trends in plant-based proteins this year.

1. Plant-Based Milk with Extra Protein

Almond milk and coconut milk are still popular but have a low protein contents compared to dairy milk. Brands have added extra protein into dairy alternatives to give it the extra nutrients.

2. Clean Label Plant-Based Meat

Creating the right texture in a plant-based meat is challenging, which is why companies use ingredients such as carrageenan and xanthan gum for structure and water binding. Consumers are searching for ingredient lists that are as simple and short as possible.

3. More Plant-Based Frozen Meals

Center-of-the-plate plant-based meat has become increasingly easier to find. This includes patties, strips, nuggets, and more. Consumers can expect a greater selection of frozen entree options that incorporate plant-based meat, such as burritos, pizzas, and pastas.

4. Plant-Based Meat That Tastes Like Meat

Manufacturers are now prioritizing authentic meaty taste in their plant-based meat products. High quality savory flavors and optimized fat levels are key.

5. New Plant-Based Proteins

As consumers become more interested in nutrition, their interest in protein diversity has grown. The use of soy protein is declining in plant-based dairy while pea protein has made gains. Flax and chia proteins are also increasing in popularity in all types of products.

As these trends continue, it is important that operations are aware of them and alter their businesses accordingly. Chasin Foods can provide the highest quality ingredients that you need to create the perfect plant-based items. Contact us today!

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