Add Italian Syrups to Sweeten Your Menu!

Italian soda combines everything we love about soda. Interestingly enough, Italian soda was originally created in San Francisco by Torani! They are incredibly simple to make, containing just three basic ingredients: flavored syrup, soda water, and ice. What makes Italian soda truly unique is that it can feature dozens of your customer’s favorite flavors. It does not have caffeine, which makes it a terrific option for adults and children. Italian sodas are also versatile, as they can easily be added to cream or ice cream to create an even sweeter, dessert-style option.

Chasin Foods has a large variety of different syrups that will help your restaurant form these tasty drinks. We carry a collection of different brands, most notably Torani. Italian sodas are a wonderful addition to the menu, as the sweet flavors attract all types of customers. Operators can offer different flavor combinations, such as orange and vanilla to create “creamsicle”, or pineapple and coconut to offer a tropical, non-alcoholic piña colada. Customers will also enjoy simple flavored beverages, such as a classic vanilla or cherry soda. The syrups can boost your dessert menu through flavored “floats”, as well as coffee drinks like mochas and caramel macchiatos that rely on decadent dark chocolate and caramel syrups.

The opportunities are endless with Italian syrups and integrating them into the menu will increase customer satisfaction at your restaurant. Please contact Chasin Foods to learn more about how we can help sweeten your menu!