Add More Plant-Based Options to Your Menu

More and more Americans are increasing their plant-based food intake, which means it is crucial for restaurants to rethink how they offer vegetarian and vegan menu items. Engaging meat eaters with plant-based options has become an increasingly important key to success. Brands must leverage foods that are naturally high in protein to create vegan options that resemble favorite dishes and redesign menus to make it easier to order vegetarian meals.

Popular chains are offering more items that have whole proteins, such as quinoa with black beans, avocado, and Brussels sprouts. Customers are more aware and educated of chemicals and genetically modified ingredients. In order to keep food affordable, restaurants manage their supply chain and vendor partnerships to balance price and quality. To bring plant-based options to the menu, restaurants are mimicking favorite items like burgers and fries. For example, more menus now feature a veggie burger topped with vegan bacon and bun. Seasoning is incredibly important because many people associate veganism with bland favors.

Chasin Foods makes it easy to add delicious, plant-based options to the menu. Our products include a tremendous variety of fresh produce, which is an essential to any quality plant-based dish. We also carry a number of innovative and in-demand plant-based proteins, such as tasty chicken products from Daring Foods. The combination of juicy produce and fresh meat make Chasin Foods the solution to capitalize on the plant-based movement!

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