Arugula Supply and Overall Quality is Good

This week’s Legacy Market News Update features important information for all foodservice providers. Here are some key takeaways to consider:

ARUGULA: Good supply and overall good quality. Low percentages of discoloration from cold mornings.

BRUSSEL SPROUTS: Expect to see continued strong volume on the sprout category for the next 7-14 days. The open market pricing is trending lower on bulk 25 packs so there are competitive opportunity buys available.

CILANTRO: Volume is going to be plentiful this week, which is produce talk for we have a lot.

ONIONS: Quality is excellent. With the recent awards from USDA on Farm to Family boxes, I suspect we will see an increase in the price of Mediums.

SPRING MIX: Good supply and overall good quality. We expect to see slight discoloration from weather challenges.

HONEY DEW: Markets are active and demand is good. Size structure trending large making smaller sized fruit limited. Availability remains challenging. Quality has improved.

ORANGES: Small fruit is starting to get very tight (113-138) the fruit has sized up, 88 & larger. This market will firm up in the next few weeks, with the recent and additional rains in the forecast.

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