Asparagus Market is Strong, Anticipate Up Markets Soon

The Legacy Market News Update for this week has important information that foodservice providers should be aware of. Here are some key takeaways to consider:

ASPARAGUS: Markets are very strong, chiefly fueled by labor challenges. I am hearing we can anticipate up markets for the next several weeks. In the meantime, quality is still good.

CILANTRO: Volume is going to be plentiful this week. Now is a good opportunity for promoting product.

CARROTS: The carrot market demand is very strong, especially on snack packs. Markets remain stable and supplies are steady on cellos, and jumbos.

PARSLEY: There is good quality with supplies improving over the next few weeks.

ONIONS: Markets are mostly steady, to perhaps lower just a pinch, while quality is good to very good.

BROCCOLI: Good supply and overall good quality, from both Yuma and Santa Maria. I think this market could drop a little next week.

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