Asparagus Prices Rise, Lower Volumes

This week’s Legacy Market News Update is full of important information regarding the product market. Read below to learn about specific important items to note for this week.

ASPARAGUS — Asparagus prices are rising with volumes lower than the past several seasons. Supplies are available from Peru and Mexico, and growers report high quality. Due to low volumes in the last week we have noticed in the last few weeks (Sept. 20-Sept. 29), prices have considerably increased by some 14% for Mexico and Peru for Asparagus Green size Large.

CELERY — Business is average in Salinas, with steady supplies available in the industry. Quality is good with occasional heat-related issues due to recent heat waves. The market is lower.

KALE — Bunched Kale supplies are expected to be plentiful for the next few weeks. Now is a good opportunity for promoting product.

ORANGES — Alert Prices remain elevated. The California Valencia season is ending. California Navels will hit the market later this week.

Honey Dew — The market is stable to slightly higher, however will begin to inch down once Arizona/California desert region production starts next week. Sugar levels range from 11 to 13 Brix.

KIWI FRUIT — California Kiwi has started, fruit is hard and well-shaped all sizes available, better supply the second week of October. Imported kiwi available, mostly 36s and smaller. Imported Kiwi is firm.

PEPPERS — Green bell volume will be steady out of California. Demand is very strong on Xl sized bell pepper. Red and gold bell pepper will be steady this week with production out of Oxnard and Gilroy.

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