Asparagus Supplies are Strong

This week’s Legacy Market News Report features important information for all foodservice providers to consider. Here are some highlights:

ASPARAGUS — Supplies of asparagus are strong from Mexico currently. We expect supplies of asparagus to be very good for next two to three weeks. Supplies are also greater this year largely due to favorable weather and are coming from Mexico.

BROCOLLI — Good supply for current demand and overall good quality and should remain that way through the end of the desert.

CAULIFLOWER — Supplies are going to be lighter this week due to cooler growing conditions.

KALE — Supplies are expected to be plentiful for the next few weeks.

SPRING MIX — Quality is good this week but we may see some discoloration due to the weather.

RASPBERRIES — Also very tight. Maybe a few weeks out before we see any real supplies.

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