Broccoli Supplies and Quality are Good This Week

This week’s Legacy Market News Update has important information to know for the upcoming weeks. Here is a brief summary of content to note:

BROCCOLI: Supplies are good this week and quality is very good.

CARROTS: The carrot market demand is very strong, especially on snack packs. Markets remain stable and supplies are steady on cellos, and jumbos.

PARSLEY: There is great quality with increased supplies over the next few weeks. It’s a perfect time to promote product with additional availability.

ROMA TOMATOES: Quality on Mexican Roma’s is good. Demand is picking up as prices remain steady. Florida has product, but most of that is staying on the East Coast while the rest of the nation is using product from Mexico.

KIWI: California kiwi only 30 and larger available, fruit is mostly firm with some soft. Imported kiwi available in all sizes, fruit is hard well shaped.

STRAWBERRIES: Production volume is expected to increase each week going forward. We are experiencing some disruption this week due to cool temperatures in Central Mexico as well as Florida supplies being impacted due to weather. Overall, Mexico will continue to be our primary source of supply, followed by Oxnard.

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