Cabbage Supplies are Lighter This Week

This week’s Legacy Market News Update features important information regarding the produce industry. Here are some key points to consider:

CABBAGE — Supplies are going to be lighter this week due to cooler growing conditions.

CARROTS — Quality is good. Availability on snack pack carrots is light due to demand from schools but supply on Jumbo and Cello are good.

KALE — Supplies are expected to be plentiful for the next few weeks. Now is a good opportunity for promoting product.

PEPPERS — We have good supplies of green, red and yellow bells from Mexico. Quality and condition is very good. Peppers are rich in Vitamin A and C. The Yellow, Orange, and Red peppers are also high in Beta Carotene which has been shown to have cancer fighting benefits and like carrots, also benefit eyesight.

SPRING MIX — Quality is good this week but we may see some discoloration due to the weather.

MANGO – The Mexican mango season began the first week of January and will run until the first week of October. Volume projections up to week 23 (ending on 6/12/2021) are expected to be about 43.5million boxes.

RASPBERRIES — Short on volume due to last week’s cold front in Central Mexico. Various ranches were already delayed and the added cold front further delayed production. Nonetheless, the only way is up from here and we expect to continue slowly up trending over the next two weeks, taking bigger jumps in production as we head into March and producing peak volume by April.

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