California Grapes Are Seeing Strong Demand

The September 14th Edition of the Legacy Market News contains updates in the produce, meat and dairy industries, highlighting the supply, demand, and pricing. Here is some of the important content that is featured in this week’s report:

Egg Market: Prices remain steady, however demand declined over the Labor Day holiday. The overall inventory of shell eggs increased 4%, but down a half percent to last year’s weekly production.

Carrots: Quality is great! We have capacity on all value-added items. We are seeing lower than usual yield (weather), which is causing us to be a little tight on Cellos and Jumbos in California.

Squash: Soft squash supply in the east has improved this week as fields recover from a very active weather pattern. Quality and volume will improve in the west and FOB prices have ticked up slightly this week.

Spring Mix: Overall just fair quality. Slight light texture and discoloration from rapid growth and heat. We will closely monitor shelf life.

Alert – Green Grapes: California grapes are seeing strong demand from consumers. “There were more grapes available at this time last year. However, that was due to sales not being as expeditious as they have been so far this season. Demand continues to increase. Given the strong demand, pricing and movement have been much better this year compared to recent seasons. Nothing is backing up and sales are keeping right in line with production.

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