Capitalize on the Plant-Based Trend with Chasin Foods

The plant-based diet is more than a fad or trend: it is a revolution. Industry research has found that more than 9.7 million Americans follow a plant-based diet. The popularity of new, plant-based meats has spurred this seismic change – 90% who have tried plant-based meats in the past year would do so again. No longer does a customer have to carry the label of vegan or vegetarian to enjoy a delicious plant-based meal. It is clear this movement is here to stay, and going forward, your customers will expect to see creative, plant-based options available throughout the menu.

Chasin Foods is here to help. We make it simple to innovate your menu by supplying all of the plant-based essentials. Our products are highlighted by inventive meat substitutes from Daring Foods and Impossible Foods that carry the juicy flavors of traditional meat. However, adding a Vegan Chicken Sandwich or Impossible Burger requires more than just one ingredient. Try our tasty vegan sides and condiments that are guaranteed to provide classic flavors while keeping the dish plant-based. And you can’t forget about the fresh produce! Top off your new best-selling dish with the freshest lettuce, tomatoes, and onions around.

Our team is committed to offering convenient, custom solutions to adapt the menu, grow your customer base, and help YOUR restaurant capitalize on the plant-based movement.

Keep your menu fresh with Chasin Foods!