Carrot Market is Stable, Delays in Shipping

The Legacy Market News Update for the week of March 28th features important information regarding all food industries. Here are some key takeaways to consider:

CARROTS: Some delays in shipping, but other than that the market is stable.

PARSLEY: There is great quality with good supplies over the next few weeks.

RADISHES: Available from Arizona, as well as Florida with the market steady. We are choosing to source from Florida as the color and flavor are both better, which is an editorial opinion.

BANANAS: While the supply side has stabilized a bit, the surcharge is still there, making them higher by about 10% than where I would like for them to be, says the guy who want to retail at 35% and sell for .59 cents per pound.

MANGO: The Haitian mango season is projected to begin the third week of March and will run until the second week of September with a projection of approximately 2.3
million boxes. Haiti’s main variety is Madame Francis (100%).

BEANS: Mexico supply is beginning to decline, as well as Florida is on the lighter volume of supply as well. Demand and quality are both good.

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