Plant-Based Items for Summertime!

Plant-based eating trends are catching on, and summertime is the perfect season to highlight these trends–and cater to a new market. If you serve food, you should be exploring this popular trend to appeal to changing demographics, so your restaurant remains relevant. Healthy and Refreshing Items That Keep Customer Full The biggest complaint about plant-based foods is that they leave you feeling hungry. That

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Demand for Apples is Strong and Steady

This week’s Legacy Market News update has key information for all foodservice operations. Here are some important points to note: APPLES: Demand is largely shifting back to foodservice as restaurants and schools begin reopening again and retail demand lets up slightly. A few months ago, we were doing 85-90 percent retail to now we are doing 60-40 percent, so mostly foodservice now. We are going

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Tips to Save Money at Your Restaurant

Operating a restaurant brings tremendous costs. This includes paying for the labor, electricity, and food that are necessary to run a restaurant. Operators that find innovative ways to reduce costs will increase their profits. The energy bill is one of the most significant costs that restaurants have to deal with, but there are creative strategies that can lower energy usage. Here are four tips

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Bok Choy Supplies Expected to be Plentiful

This week’s Legacy Market News Update has some key information for any foodservice operation. Here are some important points: BOK CHOY: Supplies are expected to be plentiful for the next three weeks. CAULIFLOWER: Supplies are expected to be at budgeted numbers for the foreseeable future. MUSHROOMS: We are seeing an overall stable market however there going to be potential shortages of button sized mushrooms as labor

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Plant-Based Protein is Ripe for Innovation!

More than half of Americans are increasing their plant-based food intake, which means it is important that restaurants rethink how they offer vegetarian and vegan menu items. Although the goal is to appeal to vegetarians, engaging meat eaters as well is key to success. Brands must leverage foods that are naturally high in protein to create vegan options that resemble classic favorites and redesign

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Blueberry Market Remains Tight This Week

This week’s Legacy Market News Update contains important information for foodservice providers. Here is a summary: BLUEBERRIES: Market remains very tight as enter the week. Hopeful that Florida start producing fruit this coming week. Mexico production has been very low. California is looking to start around the end of April, beginning of May. ONIONS: While I have spoken to this the past few weeks, transportation has

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Offer Excellent Plant-Forward Items for Spring!

Are you looking for some plant-based options for spring menus to try out this year? If so, consider checking out some of these deliciously nutritious plant-forward dishes. Spring Vegetable Risotto What better way to start off the beautiful spring season than with a delicious vegetable risotto? Comforting, versatile, and super easy to make, this may end up becoming a new family favorite. Vegan Pizza

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Celery Business is Steady This Week, Good Supply

This week’s Legacy Market News Update features important information regarding all food industries. Here are some key highlights to consider: CELERY: Business is steady this week with good supplies for us and in the industry. GREEN ONIONS: Supplies are still a bit limited but quality is good. NAPPA: Supplies are expected to be plentiful for the next three weeks. POTATOES: Idaho Norkotah demand continues to outpace supply

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Refreshing Salads for Spring!

Fruits and vegetables alike make tasty additions to a big bowl of salad. While many people think of salads as lettuce and a few traditional toppings, with springtime comes the possibility of many more exciting ingredients. During Spring, the following are in season: Vegetables: Artichokes Arugula Asparagus Chard Carrots Garlic Fennel Kale Leeks New potatoes Spinach Radishes Peas Turnips Fruits: Apricots Beets Cherries Grapefruit

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Parsley Supplies Remain Steady with Good Supply

This week’s Legacy Market News has vital information to consider for all food industries. Here is a summary of important points: PARSLEY: Supplies remain steady with good quality. ASPARAGUS: Good supply is to continue through next week on both 11# and 28#. BOK CHOY: Supplies are expected to be plentiful for the next three weeks. Now is an opportunity for promotion. GREEN ONIONS: Supplies will be limited due

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