Cilantro Volume is Plentiful This Week

This week’s Legacy Market News Update has vital information about all food industries. Here is a summary of key points to consider:

CILANTRO: Volume is going to be plentiful this week. Now is a good opportunity for promoting product.

LETTUCE: Lettuce production supplies continue to be plentiful. Fields are experiencing increased yields with exceptional quality. Weights are ranging from 42-44 lbs depending on pack style and field location. Overall demand is trending less than ideal for the current situation. Market prices are at their bottoms. Now is a good time to promote quality lettuce.

POTATOES: The market is unchanged. Norkotah Potatoes are the primary variety on the market. Small sizes are most abundant. Norkotah quality is excellent, while Burbank quality is good.

HONEY DEW: Demand remains light and markets are slightly lower. Plenty of fruit out east as well as the west. Honey Dew we looked at were from Guatemala and Honduras and both looked very good.

TOMATOES: The market is affordable, and the quality is excellent. The market in Mexico is slightly lower than Florida, but the quality is not as good. The market is low and there is plenty of quality supply available. Mexico has good supply too, but the quality is a step down from Florida.

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