COVID-19 Takeaways from Restaurant Owners

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted foodservice, and more specifically, restaurants. Operators are beginning to open back up with new regulations to adhere to social distancing guidelines. However, the new “normal” is promised to look much different than before.

Restaurant owners around the country were forced to adapt their business to continue servicing customers through the stay-at-home orders, and many of these changes will continue to be a focal point. Even with dine-in open, many customers will continue to limit their time out of the house. Here are several lessons from restaurant operators on how COVID-19 will continue to impact the industry for months to come:

  • Convenience is crucial for customers
  • Fine-dining could see an increase in prices as customers limit dine-in to infrequent, special occasions
  • Traditional customer bases could drastically alter as takeout and delivery become second nature
  • Sanitation will remain a priority to keep employees and customers safe
  • Communication will be key to entice customers with new specials and deals
  • Controlling costs will be at a premium for the foreseeable future
  • An emerging trend that restaurants can take advantage of is drinks-to-go

Even as dine-in begins to open up, these takeaways clearly suggest the pandemic isn’t going anywhere and will continue to influence the decisions of operators. To sustain sales in these uncertain times, restaurants must innovate and find unique ways to appeal to their customers.

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