COVID-19 Foodservice Trends for the Second Half of 2020: Part 1

Foodservice looks much different today than it did just five months ago. The COVID-19 pandemic brought uncertainty and rapid change throughout the industry. As foodservice professionals did their best to quickly adapt, several popular consumer food trends and consistent purchasing habits emerged.

There is now enough information to evaluate what consumers want in a COVID-19 era dining experience. Here are five trends to be aware of that will help your restaurant combat the pandemic and finish the second half of 2020 strong:

  1. Establish the dining experience, whether dine-in or take-out, as a COVID-19 getaway
  2. Offer tasty comfort foods, which are in high demand
  3. Increase Your Online Ordering Capabilities
  4. Focus on Health-Conscious, Clean Eating to Help Avoid the “Quarantine 15”
  5. Watch for More Progress and Innovation in Contactless Dining 

Now more than ever, providing customers what they want and meeting them where they are is a key to success – utilize these top trends to improve your business and sustain sales through the end of 2020. Check back in next week for five more topics promised to impact foodservice in 2020.

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