Green Onion Market is Active, Quality is Good

This week’s Legacy Market News Update has key information for all operations. Here are some highlights to consider for this week in the produce industry:

GREEN ONION: The market remains active due to light supplies from the Mexico growing regions. Quality will be good with decent volume this week. We are having some issues at the plant getting everything packed that was requested.

BOK CHOY: Supplies are expected to be plentiful for the next three weeks.

CARROTS: Quality is good. Availability on snack pack carrots is light due to demand from schools but supply on Jumbo and Cello are good.

POTATOES: The market remains stagnant on most all sizes and grades of potatoes at the moment.

SPINACH: Mud can and likely will be present in some spinach packs, including value added. It is all washed, but some mud just won’t come off.

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