Large Fast Food Chain Adds Plant-Based Chicken To Menu

A large fast food brand introduced its first-ever plant-based menu item called the “Unchicken Sandwich”. It will be tested in two of their stores for several months, with its split-top bun, mayo, lettuce, and tomato, and is available in both classic and spicy flavors.

Their protein is sourced from Raised & Rooted, an alternative protein product line launched by Tyson Foods last year. It is made from pea protein isolate with their traditional breading. Other chains have also tested out the chicken alternative using Beyond Meat, and they were able to expand the product into new markets within months.

Because of the increase in popularity for both chicken and plant-based categories, it is a good option to have. Data shows that plant-based meat sales in March were 454% higher than the previous years. Even during COVID-19, the demand is increasing. People are incorporating more variety into their diets and many are becoming “flexitarians”.

Delivery customers have ordered chicken sandwiches more than any other item during this pandemic. Over 65% of Gen Z customers want a more “plant-forward” diet, while 79% choose to go meatless at least once a week. As industries continue to change, this addition of the “Unchicken Sandwich” is a timely one.

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