Green Bean Prices Push Higher, Quality is Great

This week’s Market News update features important information regarding the produce industry. Continue reading for highlights:    GREEN BEANS: Prices are pushing higher this week and quality is excellent in French, and fair on Green. We will continue to see light numbers in the east out of the Northeast this week mostly due to rain delays and quality impacts. BRUSSEL SPROUTS: Volume on sprouts

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Quench Your Thirst with Chasin Foods

For one thing, food is not the only way to attract customers to your restaurant. Drinks also play a significant role when it comes to increasing your ROI. It is well worth investing in adding attractive, delicious, popular drinks to your menu as a restaurant owner. Related: Add Healthy and Satisfying Appetizers to Your Menu Various Beverages Chasin Foods Offers According to Mayo Clinic,

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Recent Weather Affects Quality of Apples

This week’s Market News is here! Here are a few highlights of the September 13th report:    APPLES: The heat means a reduction in apple sizing and possible sunburn as well. Some growers are taking aggressive measures to reduce the amount of damaged fruit, giving the rest of the fruit on the tree more energy to grow and hoping to compensate for the slowdown

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Sandwiches That Take Deli Meat to the Next Level

Pastrami and Slaw Master the art of the smushed sandwich with this delicious pastrami and slaw sandwich. It’s the perfect way to make use of hardy ciabatta. Pastrami is the perfect deli meat to pull of this sandwich and it pairs perfectly with muenster cheese for a deli favorite you can’t get just anywhere. Spicy Roast Beef and Brie If you are looking for

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Squash Market is Strong with Limited Supply

Here is a quick summary of this week’s (September 6th) Market News highlights regarding the produce industry:    SQUASH: Zucchini supplies are better, demand remains strong, and quality is good. Yellow squash is extremely limited, quality is fair to poor, and the market is very strong. All western supplies remain limited. GREEN ONIONS: We just hit a second trigger on cost. Market is extremely

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Get Ready for Labor Day with Chasin’s BBQ

In honor of the upcoming celebration of Labor Day, you should consider adding some seasonal favorites to your restaurant menu. How To Prepare Your Menu for Labor Day Adding some in-season holiday favorites to your menu is a great way to bring in customers, and keep prices down. Summer favorites like corn, watermelon, and BBQ are sure to please your guests. Pro Tip: If

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Broccoli Remains Strong in Quality & Color

This week’s Market News update features important information for all aspects of the produce industry. Here are some key points to consider for the future:   BROCCOLI: Supplies are better this week as the fields are moving due to warm weather. Strong quality, with very good color. GREEN BEANS: Fair volume on green and there is more interest for French beans as the food

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Prime Time to Promote Mushrooms

Here is a quick summary of this week’s (August 23rd) Market News highlights regarding the produce industry:    MUSHROOMS: All specialty mushrooms are experiencing strong growth, according to the Mushroom Council. “In terms of the next Portabella, we’re seeing Oyster, Trumpet and Crimini carving out big roles on menus,”. “All are among the meatiest in taste; ideal for operators seeking more plant-forward dishes that

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Add Dried Fruits to your Dishes!

On average, Americans eat about 2 lbs of dried fruit each year. While raisins dominate the market, there are many varieties of dried fruit that can really elevate your dishes. Best Dried Fruits to Use Dried fruit can add delicious flavor to the dishes that you offer. Some of the more popular dried fruits include: Apple Dates Bananas Raisins Cantaloupe Mango Pineapple Citron Coconuts Kiwi Papaya

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Romaine Demand Holds Steady, Pricing Firms Up

This week’s Market News Update features crucial information for all aspects of the produce industry. Here are some key points to consider:   LEAF/ROMAINE: Demand is steady and pricing is firming up a bit. Romaine production supplies are beginning to trend below budget. We are experiencing some quality issues at the field level ultimately reducing yields. A cycle of heat spikes followed by humid,

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