Grape Demand is High, Quality is Good

Stay up-to-date on the produce industry & continue reading for a highlight summary of this week’s Market News report:    GRAPES: Markets are steady with moderate supplies and good demand. Quality is good. Green grape supplies are expected to lighten up in the coming weeks.  BROCCOLI: Light supply for current demand and monitoring numbers again this week. Seeing good quality and color. Slight pin

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Get Snackin’ This Season With Chasin!

Ahh. There’s nothing like the holidays when it comes to enjoying snacks. Your customers are feeling the same way, which means it’s time to upgrade your menu. Need some fun holiday-based finger food ideas? Check out the list below so you’re not left in the cold once winter arrives. Festive Salsa and Chips This is a staple food for parties and quick snacks alike.

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Potato Supply Getting Progressively Tighter

Here is a quick summary of this week’s (October 18th) Market News highlights regarding the produce industry:    LIMES: Market is stabilizing after the hurricane. Pricing is still on the high side. Quality remains hit and miss with heavy scarring. POTATOES: The potato market continues to ease up on large size counts, with 80ct and smaller potatoes, as well as #2 potatoes, getting progressively

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Highlight the Menu with Refreshing Pasta Dishes!

Are you looking for something new to add to your menu? Refreshing pasta dishes are a great way to change things up. It’s also affordable and pairs perfectly with lots of seasonal produce. Perfect for Warm Weather As the weather gets colder, guests are looking for a different kind of comfort food—warm, fresh, and delicious all the same. Pasta is perfect for that. Pasta

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Cauliflower Market is Active as Demand Increased

Here is a quick summary of this week’s (October 11th) Market News highlights regarding the produce industry:    CAULIFLOWER: Markets are active as demand has increased coupled with declining yields. Quality is fair to mostly good. CARROTS: The table and bulk Jumbo market are both steady, while labor issues continue to plague the smaller prepackaged items.  BROCCOLI: Will remain active until the transition to

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Strawberry Volumes are Stronger than Expected

It’s Market News time! To stay updated on all things related to the produce industry, continue reading:    STRAWBERRIES: We have received stronger volumes than expected the past few weeks. Although we continue to downtrend, the strong crop load, improved fruit size and favorable weather that we are expecting next week, we expect another favorable production week. GRAPES: Prices are low; domestic stocks are

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Celebrate National Pizza Month With Chasin

It’s National Pizza Month, and Chasin’s got you covered. Let’s make this October the biggest pizza month ever and provide our customers with the best pizzas to celebrate one of America’s favorite foods! The first National Pizza Month was in 1984 when Gerry Durnell—pizzeria owner and publisher of the magazine Pizza Today—published his first issue. After creating his famous pizza-themed magazine, he realized there

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Eat Clean with These Meat Substitutes!

Plant-based diets are beginning to look like less of a fad and more of a way of life for many consumers. More and more restaurants are taking notice by offering meatless alternatives to classic dishes. Check out these meat substitutes that will broaden the possibilities for your menu and attract more customers. Tofu Tofu is made with condensed soy milk, which is pressed into

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Extreme Shortage on Cherry Tomatoes

Here is a quick summary of this week’s (September 27th) Market News highlights regarding the produce industry:    CHERRY TOMATOES: Are extremely short. Baja-Mexico’s production is down, which is where much of the U.S., especially west of the Rockies, was relying on for supply. Michigan has good production but has not been able to harvest due to cool, rainy weather. It’s difficult to find

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Offer Satisfying Pasta Entrees!

Pasta is a favorite just about anywhere you go. At your restaurant, you should offer a few varieties of pasta dishes on the menu. Customers have come to expect them, and they’ll be sure to order them again if you’ve got what they like. Pasta is also easy to alter for dietary restrictions and allergies. Make sure to include these popular combinations of noodles and

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