Spring Appetizers That Your Customers Will Love!

Is your restaurant looking to add some delicious and fresh spring appetizers to its menu? If so, read this guide by Chasin Foods to learn what you should add. Delicious And Fresh Spring Appetizers Some delicious and fresh spring appetizers we recommend adding to your menu include: Fresh vegetable spring rolls with a peanut dipping sauce Cheese asparagus tart Herbed deviled eggs Charcuterie boards

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Bell Pepper Market Will Remain Short

A new week means a new Market News report! Want to stay updated on the produce industry? Continue reading for this week’s highlights:    PEPPERS: Green bell market will remain short for the next 2 weeks due to colder weather that has slowed production. Red and gold bell volume should pick up by next week, with lower FOB’s the following week. CELERY: ​​Lighter supplies

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Add These Plant-Based Dishes to Your Menu This Spring!

This spring, it’s time to add some plant-based dishes to your menu. Read on to learn about the best plant-based dishes to add to your menu this spring. Related: Incorporate Veggies into Your Entrees! The Best Plant-Based Dishes Some of the top plant-based dishes to add to your menu include: Veggie burgers (you can make these from black beans, chickpeas, beets, or kidney beans)

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Offer Traditional Dishes for St. Patrick’s Day!

Attract customers by giving them a delicious, fun menu based on their favorite holiday. St. Patrick’s Day is coming at full speed, so here are ideas for you to try with our help. Chasin Foods has high quality ingredients that are perfect for any operation. Hot, simmering pork chops Corned beef and hash Cabbage-based dishes Green-dyed food Decorated cookies, cupcakes, and cake Craft your

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Orange Market is Steady with Good Demand

Time for a new Market News report! Continue reading for a quick summary on the produce industry.    ORANGES: Markets are steady with moderate to good demand. Internal quality is reported as excellent. Good news is no rain forecasted for the next ten days.  ARUGULA: Overall good quality & performance. Low percentage of yellowing from cold weather. Will be monitoring this week’s crop closely

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Onion Demand Rises, Pricing is Strong

For an update on the produce industry, continue reading: ONIONS: Demand has picked up over last week. It isn’t as strong as it was in January, but that is to be expected and pretty normal for this time of year. Pricing is still strong as well, however transportation challenges from the area have improved. CABBAGE: Supplies are improving and will have abilities to increase

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Why Chasin? Our Community.

Independent, Locally owned, and operated, Chasin Foods is a devoted and contributing member of the Southern California community. Furthermore, Chasin Foods is a leading source of high-quality produce for your foodservice needs in the SoCal area. “We are only successful if our customers are successful.” Using state-of-the-art equipment and a fresh, unique approach, Chasin has been serving the food service supply needs of the

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Expect Strawberry Volume to Increase

Ready for a new Market News report? Stay updated on the produce industry & continue reading below:  STRAWBERRIES: We expect total volumes to gradually increase over the next several weeks.  ARUGULA: Overall good quality & performance. Low percentage of yellowing from cold weather.  BROCCOLI: With the weather finally warming up a bit, supplies have really picked up and both quality and color are good. 

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Incorporate Vegetables into your Entrees!

In many cases, it is the meats and other proteins that are the main star of an entree. However, vegetables can stand on their own and add some needed flavor and vitamins to your meals. Some veggies can even be used as a meat replacement in many dishes. Here are a few ways that you can incorporate vegetables into delicious and satisfying entrees. Health

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Light Produce Supply Due to Weather

Our weekly Market News highlight summary is here! Continue reading for an update on the produce industry:   BRUSSELS SPROUTS: Supplies look to be much stronger for the coming week & there should be no issues with fill rates. More sprout volume appears to be coming online in the industry & there is steady downward pressure on the open market price.  CABBAGE: Supplies aren’t

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