Orange Supply is Tightening

A new month calls for a new Market News report! Start off May with fresh updates on the produce industry. Continue reading below:    ORANGES: Supplies of smaller sizes are tightening, with elevated prices expected for the remainder of the navel season. The quality and taste are still both just outstanding.  CABBAGE: Quality is good. Demand is good but the numbers are lower than

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Prices for Eggs Steadied This Week

  Time for a new Market News report! Continue reading for a quick summary on the produce industry. EGGS: Wholesale prices for cartoned shell eggs steadied before moving higher at the close of the week. Supplies are light to moderate and business is focused on restocking following Easter movement. Offerings are light, interest is moderate to good and trading is moderate. Wholesale prices for graded

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Go Clean with these Vegetarian Dishes!

Consumers have been keeping track of where their products come from lately, and food is no exception. “Clean eating” is a trend that refers to eating whole, minimally processed foods, and it shows no signs of stopping. Here are some tasty vegetarian dishes that most customers would love to see on a menu. Vegetarian Lasagna This dish is loaded with whole grains and veggies

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Importance of Fresh & Quality Proteins!

Whether you’re wondering about what makes a perfect restaurant or grocery, if your business utilizes a food service company, then you’re going to need to have the best quality around. The quality of your food is going to speak volumes about your business, and it’s going to drastically impact it as well. Whether you’re needing some plant based proteins or meat based proteins for

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Expect Lower Prices for Grapes

A new week means a new Market News report! For all things related to the produce industry, continue reading:    GRAPES: Market is coming down a little. Florida is coming in with their spring crops and increased in volume this week. The high-quality grapes are commanding higher prices. We expect prices to be lower for the next few weeks. CELERY: Lighter supplies for us

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Good Spinach Supply for Current Demand

Time for a new Market News report! Continue reading for a quick summary on the produce industry.    SPINACH: Good supply for current demand. Overall good quality, size, and texture. LEAF & ROMAINE: Quality in the desert is good but slightly lighter in color and appearance. There is heavy bug and insect presence as the desert season is quickly winding down. Experiencing some irregular

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Broccoli Market Tightens Up

The season of fresh foods is upon us & now is the perfect time to stay updated on all things related to the produce industry! For this week’s Market News highlights, continue reading: BROCCOLI: ​​Markets are tightening up and after a few weeks of low prices, moving costs up. Broccoli prices are up 50 percent over the previous week and are expected to climb

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Plant-Forward Trends to Watch in 2022

Many people are switching to a more plant-forward diet. Make your restaurant a part of this trend by adding some plant-forward items to your menu! Related: Add These Plant-Based Dishes to Your Menu This Spring! Plant-Forward Trends Some of the top plant-forward trends include: Plant-based meats such as veggie burgers, veggie chicken nuggets, or veggie sausage Plant-based cheese dips made with cashew or beans

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The Many Benefits of Fresh Produce

It’s important to eat healthily and maintain a diet chockfull of fruits and veggies to provide your body with all of the components it needs to function correctly. Here are some of the health benefits that come from enjoying a daily dose of fresh, premium produce.  Vitamins And Nutrients Fresh produce contains several essential nutrients and vitamins that are necessary for hundreds of functions

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Potato Market Has Stabilized

A new week means a new Market News report! For all things related to the produce industry, continue reading:    POTATOES: The potato market has stabilized on all sizes. Overall, the market has remained relatively ‘flat’ in terms of pricing this month. We are seeing smaller size profiles on potatoes than we previously had, which is helping to lower the FOBs on those items.

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