Celery’s Quality is Good, Market is Steady

This week’s Legacy Market News has important produce information for all operations. Here’s a summary of some aspects to consider: CELERY: Business is steady this week with fair to light supplies for us and average supplies in the industry. Quality is good, with seeders posing a small issue. The market is steady. SQUASH: Strong production now underway out of South Georgia and quality is excellent.

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Mojito Mo’fun

Nothings mo’fun than easily serving drinks on the rocks without the prep.  As your customer’s start ordering drinks after drinks, what better way to keep up with the fun than having pre-made premium cocktail blends. Finest Call’s cocktail mixes gives customers the fresh authentic taste while making it easier for the bartender and mixologists. These mixes are made with only the best ingredients to

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Onion Demand is High This Week

This week’s Legacy Market News Update features important information for all aspects of the produce industry. Here are some key points to consider for the future: ONIONS: Demand has been good this week, but we have not seen a huge jump for the holiday. There is pretty good money on mediums, but overall, the market is only as good as the trucks you find. The

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A Comfort Dish That Utilize Vegetables!

Now that summer is upon us, customers want lighter fare that features all the delicious vegetables of summertime. Considering only one in ten Americans get enough fruits and vegetables, this is an excellent way to offer a menu item that’s as needed as it is tasty. This short rib recipe is paired with mushrooms and spring vegetables, including carrots, garlic cloves, onion, turnips, and

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Cauliflower Supplies are Plentiful and High Quality

This week’s Legacy Market News Update features vital information regarding the produce industry. Here are some key points to consider when preparing for the upcoming weeks: CAULIFLOWER: Supplies are expected to be plentiful this week. Overall quality and appearance should be very nice. CUCUMBERS: Market will remain stable for the week out of Baja. Quality has been very good from this area. LEAF/ROMAINE: Salinas Green Leaf production volumes

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Legacy Market News Report – May 19th

Here are some weekly updates in the produce industry from the May 17th edition of the Legacy Foodservice Alliance Market News: AVOCADO & ARUGULA — Good supply and quality. LETTUCE — Quality is fair to good as maturing varies and sizing in some stand’s approaches Jumbo sizing for palletized. Foodservice quality is very good. CARROTS — Jumbo carrot supplies are limited, and sizing and

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Offer Incredible Plant-Based Protein

Plant-based diet trends seem to be everywhere you look. We all agree getting more greens is a good thing. But how do you keep up on your protein when you eat plant-based? Several plants offer up generous amounts of protein with the added benefit of a healthy dose of fiber. High Quality Taste The best plant-based proteins include tofu, soya, nuts, seeds, and peas.

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Adding Plant-Based Options Will Attract Customers

Restaurant operators are always searching for new and innovative ways to bring more customers to their locations. Because of the desire to meet the needs of as many potential customers as possible, restaurant managers must be hyper-aware and responsive to the eating preferences of local, regional, and national consumers. One of the largest shifts in eating patterns has been the emergence of the plant-based

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Plant-Based Items for Summertime!

Plant-based eating trends are catching on, and summertime is the perfect season to highlight these trends–and cater to a new market. If you serve food, you should be exploring this popular trend to appeal to changing demographics, so your restaurant remains relevant. Healthy and Refreshing Items That Keep Customer Full The biggest complaint about plant-based foods is that they leave you feeling hungry. That

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Demand for Apples is Strong and Steady

This week’s Legacy Market News update has key information for all foodservice operations. Here are some important points to note: APPLES: Demand is largely shifting back to foodservice as restaurants and schools begin reopening again and retail demand lets up slightly. A few months ago, we were doing 85-90 percent retail to now we are doing 60-40 percent, so mostly foodservice now. We are going

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