Comfort Holiday Side Dishes to Please!

The holidays have kicked into gear! Is your menu able to meet your customers’ demand? Holiday side dishes are known for being heartwarming, tasty, and quite filling. They should complement the main course without overshadowing it entirely. Check out our holiday side dish ideas below! Candied Yams Sweet and soft, candied yams are a perfect addition to just about any holiday dish. Their decadent

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High Alert on Carrot Supply and Demand

  This week’s (November 29th) Market News is here! Stay informed on the produce industry & continue reading below:    CARROTS: Alert! Shippers are still struggling with jumbos and tables due to labor (these are hand pack items). We continue to struggle with supply and demand. Price is increasing. BROCCOLI: Supplies are improving this week, but still light and hoping improved supplies for next

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Mushroom Shortage Continues to Be a Challenge

It’s Thanksgiving week! Get prepped with our Market News summary & continue reading to stay updated on the produce industry:   MUSHROOMS: Continue to be a challenge and our suppliers are now advising the current supply shortage will go through the end of December. BRUSSELS SPROUTS: Sprout demand should remain strong for the front part of the week due to holiday/seasonal demand. Supplies will

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Highlight Your Menu with Holiday Appetizers!

Every legendary holiday meal starts with an appetizer. Here are 8 amazing appetizers you can make this year. 1.  Pigs In A Blanket Let’s start with a holiday classic. Pigs in a blanket is an incredible way to start a magical holiday evening. Wrap them in bacon to add a little extra deliciousness. 2.  Pull-Apart Cheddar Bite Christmas Tree This fantastic recipe by Delish

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Eat Fresh & Clean this Season with Chasin Foods!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means everyone is ready for comfort food. But comfort food isn’t always fresh. Today, we’re listing how you can add fresh produce to your menu so your customers can enjoy bread, butter, and veggies as well. Thanksgiving salad Since everyone will be offering stuffing or green bean casserole, why not try something different and offer a healthy,

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Holiday Season Increases Onion Demand

Our weekly Market News highlight summary is here! Continue reading for an update on the produce industry:   ONIONS: We’re seeing a little Thanksgiving push, as our demand has picked up. Supplies are tight, as I have previously reported, and again this crop is definitely short. Quality is very good, and we’re pleased with that. CELERY: Business is huge this week as demand for

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Tasty Entrees for Your Holiday Festivities!

As the holiday season rushes in, many people look forward to an exciting time of delicious food and good company. However, while some may enjoy making a variety of traditional dishes for their family and friends, others prefer the ease and convenience of going out. Here are some tasty entrees you should be serving this holiday season. Chicken Chasin Foods has fresh chicken bones that

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Recent Rain Effect Pomegranate Crop

Stay updated on the produce industry & continue reading for a highlight summary of this week’s Market News report:   POMEGRANATES: The rain’s effect on pomegranates is concerning, particularly given the California pomegranate crop was already down thanks to severe winds that caused some scarring on the fruit. The water is turned off on pomegranates just before harvest to bring the sugars to the fruit and

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Tips to Form a Gluten-Free Holiday Menu

Gluten-free customers face a difficult task in the upcoming weeks, as many traditional holiday favorites feature gluten. Flour is a foundational ingredient in cookies, pies, and other baked goods that are so popular during the holidays. The growing number of gluten-free eaters places a tremendous responsibility on operators to serve delicious gluten-free dishes. Here are four thoughts to keep in mind when adding gluten-free

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Expected Mushroom Labor & Supply Challenges

Thanksgiving is around the corner so best prepare with the latest Market News report! Continue reading for important highlights on the produce industry:   MUSHROOMS: Labor, freight, and supply challenges are expected to last for the remainder of the year. Product cuts have been increasing. If that is not enough, we are now experiencing a crop failure, involving 3 separate growers we were told.

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