Recent Weather Has Drastically Reduced Cauliflower Supply

Your weekly Market News report is here! For an update on the produce industry, continue reading:    CAULIFLOWER: The persistent extreme cold weather in the southern growing region has drastically reduced supply on more commodity items that now includes cauliflower. Overall good demand. Quality, sizing & texture look good. I am guessing about two weeks of tight supply on this item. ASPARAGUS: Steady on

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Delicious Plant Forward and Plant Focused Meals

With the beginning of new year consumers are focused on improving their eating habits. One of the best ways to start is consuming less animal-based foods and more plant-based food, this is called a plant-forward diet. This diet focuses on eating all natural foods, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. It has been proven that eating more plant-based foods decreases the risk for diseases and

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Continuous High Demand for Avocados

Start the year off with a new Market News report update! Continue reading for recent highlights on the produce industry:   AVOCADO: Market pricing is ticking up this week as high demand continues for the holidays. We are also seeing much higher field pricing in Mexico for many reasons including harvest crews being away for the holidays and a continued increase in global demand. 

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Celery Quality & Demand Improves

It’s Market News time! As the holidays pass, this week’s report holds fresh updates on the produce industry. Continue reading below:   CELERY: Business is good in demand with sales for the Christmas holiday. Lighter supplies for us but plenty available in the industry. There are average supplies on the west coast. Quality is good and the market is better. MUSHROOM: Alert! The American

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High-Quality Meals come with High Quality Packaging 

  Taking orders to-go is now more important than ever. Having the optimal packaging ensures that your customers get their food the way it was meant to be! Knowing what to use saves money for your business & leaves customers in good spirits. Common To-Go Packaging Includes:  Biodegradable Containers  Foil Containers  Foam Containers  Plastic Containers Why Businesses Should Have Quality Containers: There are many

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Green Onion Market is Extremely Active

This week’s Market News report holds crucial information on the baking industry! Continue reading below:    GREEN ONIONS: Quality is good this week. Market is extremely active due to supply shortage with many growers in northern Mexico because of the extremely hot weather and high humidity the past two months. LETTUCE: Supplies are right on budget for this week. Demand and quality have been

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Scrumptious Pumpkin Dishes for Winter!

No season increases demand for pumpkin quite like fall. This versatile veggie can serve many purposes on your menu. Here are some scrumptious pumpkin dishes to serve this winter: First up is an irresistible Pumpkin Gnocchi with Blue Cheese and Sage. What could be more inviting on a winter evening than popular comfort foods like pasta and cheese? Your customers won’t be able to get enough

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Brussels Sprout Supply Faces New Challenges

It’s Market News time! This week’s report holds important information for all industries. For an update on the produce industry, continue reading:   BRUSSELS SPROUTS:  Sprout production for the category will be challenging again for the coming week. Insufficient supplies of good quality raw material will still limit general availability for most SKUs. Insect injury and discoloration are still the main defects, but indications

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Offer Delicious Veggie Appetizers!

Are you looking to expand your appetizer menu or products? You should consider adding veggie appetizers because they are a healthy, delicious choice to gain fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Additionally, starting with a veggie appetizer can improve your customers’ digestion. Different Vegetables Used In Appetizers There are lots of unique vegetables you can use to elevate your veggie appetizers. Some crowd favorites are: Artichoke

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Asparagus Market Rises This Week

Our weekly Market News highlight summary is here! Continue reading for an update on the produce industry:   ASPARAGUS: Quality and demand are good, and the market is slightly higher. BRUSSELS SPROUTS: Sprout production for the category will be challenging again for the coming week. Insufficient supplies of good quality raw material have effectively shut down production on all SKUs.  AVOCADOS: Market pricing was

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