Offer Excellent Plant-Forward Items for Spring!

Are you looking for some plant-based options for spring menus to try out this year? If so, consider checking out some of these deliciously nutritious plant-forward dishes.

Spring Vegetable Risotto

What better way to start off the beautiful spring season than with a delicious vegetable risotto? Comforting, versatile, and super easy to make, this may end up becoming a new family favorite.

Vegan Pizza

Almost everybody loves pizza, but just wait until you get a taste of this specialty, homemade vegan pizza. Everyone deserves to enjoy a delicious cheezy pie, no matter what kind of food restrictions they may have.

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Fennel Paella

If you’re looking for a deliciously nutritious new dish to try, consider whipping up some fennel paella the next time you get into the mood to cook. Give it a chance, and you may discover a regular addition to your weekly menu.

Creamy Linguine With Vegetables

Vegetarian linguine is an easy, fast, and delectable recipe that you may regret not trying out sooner. The fact that it’s so healthy for you is just a bonus.

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