Offer Healthy and Satisfying Plant-Forward Items This Spring

Spring plant-based dinners offer families a smorgasbord of healthy and delicious ingredients for meals that everyone can enjoy. Take a look at these top four recipes and give a few of them a try on your menu this coming season. You may just end up discovering some of your customers’ new favorite dishes.

Cauliflower Kale Caesar

A fresh Caeser salad chocked full of cauliflower is a delicious and nutritious meal that plant-forward eaters are sure to enjoy, especially if topped with a helping of walnuts and butter beans.

Sunflower Chickpea Sandwiches

It may be difficult for some to imagine a delicious sandwich without any meat, but a sunflower chickpea sandwich is a flavorful delight for those looking for a quick, healthy meal.

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Charred Brussel Sprout Tacos

Brussel sprouts by themselves aren’t something that everyone enjoys. But if you char them and serve them up with some nuts, beans, and cilantro in a warm tortilla, and you have yourself an absolutely delicious main course for any springtime menu.

Crispy Tofu Tenders

Many people love chicken fingers but consider switching things up with some crispy baked tofu nuggets hand-tossed in a zingy barbecue sauce. 

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