Onion Pricing Remains Stable This Week

Onion Pricing Remains Stable This Week

This week’s Legacy Market News Report contains valuable information regarding various types of food industries. Here are some key takeaways from the report to note:

ONIONS: Pricing on all colors and sizes remain stable in the Northwest. Shipments have been a bit up and down this week, with the front of the week behind normal movement, and the latter half beginning to pick up. Size profiles on all colors continue to lean heavier to larger sizes. Finding trucks in this area is still a big challenge.

LIMES: The Mexican lime season has wrapped up and, this year has been extremely challenging. We usually end around the beginning of December, but we stopped shipping 5 weeks ago – the season was forced to end about a month and a half earlier than usual. The early end of the season was caused by low demand and low prices.

CAULIFLOWER: Supplies are expected to be very good this week.

KALE: Bunched Kale supplies are expected to be plentiful for the next few weeks. Now is a good opportunity for promoting product.

HONEY DEW: Production from Guatemala has been slow to start but will begin to pick up immediately following the holiday. Sizing will be trending to the larger melons.

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