Parsley Supplies Remain Steady with Good Supply

This week’s Legacy Market News has vital information to consider for all food industries. Here is a summary of important points:

PARSLEY: Supplies remain steady with good quality.

ASPARAGUS: Good supply is to continue through next week on both 11# and 28#.

BOK CHOY: Supplies are expected to be plentiful for the next three weeks. Now is an opportunity for promotion.

GREEN ONIONS: Supplies will be limited due to the Easter holiday. Field crews will not be working Thursday-Saturday.

POTATOES: For the most part, nearly all shippers are reporting the move into Burbank’s. There is still an up market on the larger sizes. Be sure to ask your sales rep, how Pro Mark potatoes can add benefit to you in this kind of a market.

BLUEBERRIES: Driscoll cutting orders for loading late this week by 70 % plus. The Mexican season will continue with stable volume into the spring. Baja volumes will continue with stable and increasing production.

KIWI: California kiwi mostly 25 and larger available, fruit has some soft. Imported kiwi available in all sizes, fruit is hard well shaped.

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