Plant-Based Milks are Flooding the Market

Many restaurants across the United States are adding plant-based milks to their menu. Dunkin’ added oat milk to all of their locations, giving customers an option for dairy-free lattes and coffee. Most Starbucks allow coffee drinkers to substitute cow’s milk for various dairy-free options, such as coconut, soy, and almond milk.

Plant-based meat alternatives have gained most of the attention in the past due to marketing of big manufacturers. However, dairy-free milks have become increasingly popular, with oat milk being the latest and fastest growing product.

Menu mentions of oat milk have increased by 50% each year in the United States, despite almond milk being the most popular worldwide. However, many baristas claim that almond and soy milk tend to turtle when heated and have a strong flavor that can affect the experience of drinking coffee. Oat milk tends to have a creamier and more neutral taste.

Technomic’s survey reports that 41% of consumers worldwide are eating more plant-based foods than a year ago. Peanut, cashew, walnut, and rice are also other options but not as widely used in the foodservice market.

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