Prepare Your Summer Menu with Superior Meat from Chasin Foods!

With restaurants opening back up, it is more important than ever to offer delicious food that customers crave this summer. Meat is an essential part of summertime – the warm weather increases demand for delicious barbecue featuring mouthwatering beef, chicken and more. Having fresh options on the menu that provide customers with the classic tastes of summer will increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Chasin Foods has a variety of different high-quality beef products that will highlight any menu. Beef is a summertime favorite and a staple of traditional barbecue. In addition to burgers, beef kabobs are a great option to grill on the barbecue, especially when they are pre-diced and easy to serve. Our tender beef tenderloin, marinated in your classic sauce, will quickly become a customer favorite this summer – we currently offer five-pound and twenty-four-pound sizes.

For those not interested in red meat, restaurants can offer other delicacies that showcase the best tastes of summer. Chasin Foods provides scrumptious, fresh chicken breast that can be used in a variety of different dishes. Barbecued or roasted, chicken is a customer favorite and pairs wonderfully with vegetables or potatoes. Seafood is an even healthier option, and Chasin Foods delivers an assortment of fresh and frozen seafood options. For example, our fresh salmon, when glazed with teriyaki sauce, is a light, delicious alternative to beef or chicken. Other products include petrale sole, striped seabass, mahi mahi, and more that will round out your summer barbecue menu.

Chasin Foods will help your restaurant capitalize this summer by integrating superior beef, chicken, and seafood into the menu. Customers will notice and appreciate the quality, leading to increased satisfaction, sales, and smiles. Contact Chasin Foods today to learn more about how we can improve your menu this summer!