Radish Market is Steady This Week

This week’s Legacy Market News features key information for all foodservice distributors. Here are some important takeaways:

RADISHES: Available from Arizona, as well as Florida with the market steady. We are choosing to source from Florida as the color and flavor are both better, which is an editorial opinion.

GREEN ONIONS: Demand is good and quality is improving. The market will be steady this week with good supplies available.

PARSLEY: There is great quality with good supplies over the next few weeks.

SPRING MIX: Good supply and overall good quality. Slight discoloration present we will be working through at field level.

KIWI: California kiwi mostly 25 and larger available, fruit has some soft. Imported kiwi available in all sizes, fruit is hard well shaped.

RASPBERRIES: Volume is steady, but a slow increase in volume is anticipated through the month of March. Market is very active.

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