Staple Plant-Based Foods for Every Menu

Plant-based foods are becoming more and more prominent on full-service plates. These healthy and sustainable foods are exploding in popularity and experiencing tremendous customer demand. Whether vegetarian, vegan, or carnivore, customers are enjoying plant-based meals and expect to see them on the menu. Many chefs have parted with animal proteins of the past to embrace experimentation in a plant-based future.

The taste and nutrition company Kerry released a Rethinking Meatless report that projected plant-based products have experienced a 800% increase from 2014-2019. Your restaurant can take advantage of this demand and introduce tasty, plant-based meals on the menu. This will not only attract health-conscious customers, but also those intrigued and looking to experiment with something new and innovative.

Here are three plant-based proteins to feature in your revamped menu:

These plant-based ingredients also provide a financial opportunity. The food cost for these products are roughly half of traditional meat items. This will help your restaurant raise profit margin while delivering delectable dishes in high demand.

Chasin Foods is your partner for fresh, high-quality ingredients to craft delicious plant-based menu items. Our team provides custom solutions and will supply the products you need to innovative and take advantage of this top trend. Contact us for more details about how Chasin Foods will help you introduce, expand, and prosper from the plant-based movement!

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