The Balance Between Plant and Animal-Based Eating

Increasingly it has been a popular choice to opt for plant-based eating whenever possible as it has benefits for both your health and the sustainability of the environment. This guide will show you how to keep a healthy balance between these two options while benefiting from each! Add these options to your menu today with the help of Chasin Foods!

  • Reducing portions of meat – When it comes to eating meat, reducing your portions at first can be an excellent way to ease into plant-based eating. Eating smaller amounts of meat can improve our health as meat takes much more energy to digest. However, meat contains vital nutrients that can be found elsewhere, if a little harder to come by. Vitamin B12, Iron, and protein are all abundant in meat, so getting in a few slices of animal protein every day could be a great idea!
  • Health benefits of plant-based eating – Increasingly, studies are finding the many benefits of a plant-based diet such as boosting our immune systems, reducing inflammation, maintaining weight, increasing fiber, and even lowering our risk for cancer. 
  • Protein from animal productsEgg, meat, and cheese menu items are some options that many find satisfying in meals, and all are high in protein. It is a good practice to consume these in moderation while balancing with fruits, nuts, vegetables, and other plant-based options. However, those who wish to switch to vegetarianism have found they can replace protein altogether with plant-based options!

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