Tips to Move Plant Forward!

Eating a more plant-based diet can help your health and the environment at the same time. For the past couple years, plant-forward eating has become increasingly popular. This does not mean eliminating animal products from your menu, but having plant-based options can be incredibly beneficial. Plant-based proteins often have high levels of fiber, which helps with digestion and can lower the risk of some diseases. Here are some tips to help integrate plant-forward into your operation!

1. Make the protein flip

On some of the entrees, move the meat or animal products to the side of the plate, incorporating more vegetables into the dish. For example, add a stir-fry to your menu that contains rice, vegetables, and a small portion of steak or chicken.

2. Go halvsies!

Reduce your animal protein portions on your menu by incorporating a veggie burger onto your menu, or a burger that is blended with beef and veggies to lessen the amount of meat that your customers will consume.

3. Have a few plant-based dishes on the menu

If your operation is unsure, start with one dish on the menu, whether it’s vegetarian or vegan. Or, make your “special” for the week a plant-based one and see how popular it becomes.

4. Switch up your appetizers

Everyone loves a good appetizer, and often don’t have a preference if they have animal protein or not. This can be a more simple way to integrate plant-based dishes onto your menu without adding a full entree right away.

Plant-based diets continue to increase in popularity and people almost expect there to be vegetarian options on restaurants’ menus. Chasin Foods can provide your operation high quality products to create the most delicious creations! Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.