With Beef & Pork Shortage – Seafood Has a New Place on Your Menu!

Seafood is a favorite food for many. It brings tremendous nutritional value and appeals to health-conscious customers seeking fresh flavors in their entrée. In the age of COVID-19, seafood offers another strong benefit: reducing the reliance on meat products throughout the menu. The food industry is currently experiencing a shortage in beef and pork supply, which negatively impacts thousands of menus across the country. Restaurants that quickly adapt and feature delicious seafood dishes are positioned to succeed through the shortage.

Fresh, high-quality seafood stands out on any restaurant menu. It is a terrific opportunity to increase your customer satisfaction by delighting them with a delicious delicacy from the sea. Customers have become increasingly health-conscious, and seafood offers nutritional benefits alongside delectable flavors. Many customers rely on seafood as an alternative source of protein to traditional meat, such as beef or pork, as it has fewer calories and a lower fat content. Adding a new, innovative seafood dish to your menu will not only offer a healthy option, but it will help your restaurant stand out among the competition.

Chasin Foods will help your restaurant produce the freshest seafood dish in town. We offer many of the most popular and commonly ordered types of seafood, such as clams, cod, and shrimp. Our team can provide these items either fresh or frozen, depending on your needs. In addition, Chasin Foods features mouth-watering Dungeness and king crab on our product list. The robust, fresh flavor of high-quality crab can be the focal point of a dinner special that will have your customers’ coming back for more!

Chasin Foods can provide your restaurant with high-quality seafood to combat the beef and pork shortage. Please contact our team today for more information on how we can help!