Creative Ideas for National Peach Month!

Chasin Peaches

National Peach Month Ideas

You can incorporate peaches into your restaurant dishes in many creative and trendy ways. For example, you can use peaches as a topping for pizza or salads. Peaches can add a balance of sweetness to an otherwise salty dish.

You can mix the peaches on salads with nuts, onion, goat cheese, and other toppings. Peaches on pizza also pair well with balsamic dressing, ricotta cheese, prosciutto, honey, and basil. Of course, you can also incorporate peaches into your dessert menu.

Some dessert items you may want to consider making include peach cobbler, peach crumble bars, and peach parfaits. Peaches are a unique menu item, so they can improve your restaurant sales and attract new customers to your restaurant.

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