Brussels Sprout Supply Faces New Challenges

It’s Market News time! This week’s report holds important information for all industries. For an update on the produce industry, continue reading:


BRUSSELS SPROUTS:  Sprout production for the category will be challenging again for the coming week. Insufficient supplies of good quality raw material will still limit general availability for most SKUs. Insect injury and discoloration are still the main defects, but indications are the mildew problem should be dissipating with recent cooler weather. 

CELERY: Business is good as demand gets back to more normal numbers. Better supplies for us as there are still good supplies on the west coast. 

ONIONS: The overall onion market has not seen too much of a change in recent weeks. Demand has been steadying this week, about the same as the previous few weeks. The market is steady as well. Supplies still seem to be tight on super colossal. Quality has been very good.

LEMONS: Offshore is cleaning up, quality is still very good. Coachella and Imperial Valleys are now available also, with very good quality. The market has adjusted, just in time for Citrus Month. 


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