Eat Fresh & Clean this Season with Chasin Foods!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means everyone is ready for comfort food. But comfort food isn’t always fresh. Today, we’re listing how you can add fresh produce to your menu so your customers can enjoy bread, butter, and veggies as well.

Thanksgiving salad

Since everyone will be offering stuffing or green bean casserole, why not try something different and offer a healthy, clean thanksgiving salad? Get creative and incorporate seasonal vegetables like butternut squash or fresh cranberries. Shop our leafy green options for inspiration!

Mashed potatoes and herbs

Mashed potatoes with fresh herbs are an easy way to fuse comfort with freshness. You can add any herb you want! Add some of Chasin Foods’ fresh garlic chives and rosemary. Your customers will love it!

Turkey with roasted veggies

Serving turkey is a must, but not everyone likes stuffing. Try adding roasted veggies as a side dish instead. Carrots, whole potatoes, and shallots look excellent next to Chasin Foods’ oven-roasted sliced turkey. Drizzle fresh cranberry sauce on top, and your customers will remember your name.

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You can be creative with your menus while still honoring the traditional foods of Thanksgiving, and don’t forget to check out Chasin’s food options while you plan your menu!

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