Holiday Season Increases Onion Demand

Our weekly Market News highlight summary is here! Continue reading for an update on the produce industry:


ONIONS: We’re seeing a little Thanksgiving push, as our demand has picked up. Supplies are tight, as I have previously reported, and again this crop is definitely short. Quality is very good, and we’re pleased with that.

CELERY: Business is huge this week as demand for the holidays increase. Good supplies for us and on the west coast. Quality is good and the market is steady.

SQUASH: Supplies are lighter with some quality issues. Markets are expected to strengthen for the holiday pull with less supplies in the pipeline. New fields should start towards the end of the month.

LEAF & ROMAINE: Leaf production continues to decrease weekly. Quality is fair with a good green color, good texture, and slightly lighter in weight. Demand is good and pricing is slightly stronger.

MANGOS: Very reasonably priced currently with good quality. Mangos are continuing to increase in popularity, make sure you are promoting them.


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