Get Snackin’ This Season With Chasin!

Ahh. There’s nothing like the holidays when it comes to enjoying snacks. Your customers are feeling the same way, which means it’s time to upgrade your menu.

Need some fun holiday-based finger food ideas? Check out the list below so you’re not left in the cold once winter arrives.

Festive Salsa and Chips

This is a staple food for parties and quick snacks alike. When the majority of Americans love salty snacks, you won’t want to miss out on this classic. Fill your salsa with extra green peppers, cilantro, and onions to give it that Christmas-ready look!

Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

Cranberries are one of the most iconic fruits of the holiday season. What better way to mix them up than with some oatmeal cookies? Use extra big chunks or mix them up with some chocolate to keep your customers on their toes.

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Apple Pie Bites

Sometimes your customers do not have the room for an entire pie slice. Wet their appetites with apple pie bites: tiny slices that can be stuck on toothpicks or folded into cute napkins.

Your customers are looking forward to tasty treats and fond memories. Contact Chasin Foods today to stock up on quality menu items and give them what they’re searching for.

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