Recent Weather Has Drastically Reduced Cauliflower Supply

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CAULIFLOWER: The persistent extreme cold weather in the southern growing region has drastically reduced supply on more commodity items that now includes cauliflower. Overall good demand. Quality, sizing & texture look good. I am guessing about two weeks of tight supply on this item.

ASPARAGUS: Steady on lighter supplies and good quality continue to come out of Mexico and Peru. Larger sizing is very limited. Look for the market to adjust lower going into next week as the Holiday pull starts to come off.

LETTUCE: Good supply. The Yuma crop is showing good quality with light mildew present. At the field level crews will continue to trim back outer leaves showing visible defects. Supplies this week will not be an issue. Harvesting is the main issue.

BLUEBERRIES: Central Mexico production will continue increasing moving forward, the risk of freeze continues for the next few weeks. Baja production continues with steady volume, expecting to start increasing moving forward.


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