Continuous High Demand for Avocados

Start the year off with a new Market News report update! Continue reading for recent highlights on the produce industry:


AVOCADO: Market pricing is ticking up this week as high demand continues for the holidays. We are also seeing much higher field pricing in Mexico for many reasons including harvest crews being away for the holidays and a continued increase in global demand. 

ASPARAGUS: The asparagus market is up this week. Product out of Peru is up, with moderate supply, good demand and a wide range in quality reported.

CELERY: Business is slower post-Christmas. Lighter supplies for us as there are still average supplies on the west coast. Quality is good and the market is better. 

GREEN ONION: The green onion market quickly reacted to extreme industry shortages and now has hit a trigger point. The growing region was hit by strong winds and ice two weeks ago that has negatively affected supply.

POTATOES: Overall, the market has remained relatively ‘flat’ in terms of pricing this month. We anticipate that will remain the case until at least next week and may largely depend on weather conditions in the Pacific Northwest.


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