How to Use Carrots on Your Menu

From appetizers to garnish, carrots have more range than you might think! They work well as a raw vegetable grated on salads, roasted with brown sugar as a side, or cut into fries and paired with a dipping sauce as an appetizer. Chasin Foods sells carrots in sliced, diced, whole, and shredded to make any dish a possibility.   Carrot Fries with Spicy Mayo

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Onion Quality is Good with Growth in Size

Here is a quick summary of this week’s (August 9th) Market News highlights regarding the produce industry:   ONIONS: We’ll start harvest on Friday and start shipping next Monday 15- August-2021. We’ll start out with yellows and reds and then add whites toward the end of August. The crop looks good, and it’s starting to size up, too. The sizing is likely to start

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It’s Thyme To Add Herb Toppings To Your Dishes

Why you should use herbs in your restaurant dishes Using herbs in your restaurant dishes can be a great way to add flavor, nutrition, and easy presentation to your dishes. Customers often enjoy the boost of flavor and professional look of a plate being topped with fresh herbs. How to use herbs in your restaurant dishes There are a few different ways that your

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Consumer Demand for Watermelon Increases

This week’s Market News Update features vital information regarding the produce industry. Here are some key points to consider when preparing for the upcoming weeks:    WATERMELON: As summer heat continues to have its way in the west and watermelon sales have accelerated tremendously as people look for some sweet relief. Supplies of Seedless and Mini Seedless are seeing very good to excellent quality

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Different Ways To Use Corn On Your Menu

Not many vegetables can be as fantastic as corn, but did you know that there are plenty of different ways that you can use corn on your menu? This wholesome kernel can fit anywhere. It’s the perfect summer side dish. You can easily add it to salads, both pasta, and leafy green. It pairs perfectly in a soup. It’s the perfect summer side dish

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Onion Supply on High Alert For the Coming Weeks

This week’s Market News update features important information for all aspects of the produce industry. Here are some key points to consider for the future:   ONIONS: Red and yellow onions are in good supply out of California’s west side district. White onions continue to be hit and miss as far as availability is concerned. Quality is good as we see average temps in

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Enjoy the Summer With a Juicy Burger

Your customers will love the juicy burgers you offer at your restaurant this summer when you buy your buns, meat, and produce from Chasin Foods. People associate summer with cookouts and hamburgers, so you should take advantage of the popular summer craving by providing delicious burgers for your customers. To sell the best burgers, you need to use the best ingredients, especially when it

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Cherry Tomato Shortage Expected to End

This week’s Market News has important produce information for all operations. Here’s a summary of some aspects to consider:   CHERRY TOMATOES: Are extremely short. There are only two growers crossing products in San Diego, and one of them is selling out very fast every day. In the East, only one or two growers are in production. We anticipate this short supply will change

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Prime Time to Promote Cabbage

This week’s Market News Update features vital information regarding the produce industry. Here are some key points to consider when preparing for the upcoming weeks:   CABBAGE: is a cruciferous vegetable, which means it comes with a host of health benefits. Supplies are steady. Quality remains consistent with sizing and overall appearance. Include Cabbage in summertime grilling promotions as a reminder to serve slaw

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Tasty Hot Dogs For All Your Customers

Who doesn’t love a scrumptious hot dog on a hot day? Not only do they provide plenty of protein and carbs, they’re easy to customize to each customer’s unique tastes. Americans eat a collective 150 million hot dogs per year, so let’s get cracking! Hot dogs we offer at Chasin Foods include: Turkey Sausage Chicken Apple Chorizo Hot Dog Bacon Wrapped All Beef What

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